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Please check you model number (located on the back of Flipper) and go to the section for your device.

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Common Issues:

1. On/Off mismatch:  Problem:  When I press the ON/Off button, my TV and STB go out of sync.

Solution:  The TV and STB need to be close together and have an unobstructed line of sight to Flipper.

Solution 2:  Modify Flipper so the STB stays on all the time.  Please follow the instructions in the manual for On/Off Options – A22V2 has a code t leave the STB on all the time.

2. Direct TV / Dish:  Make sure that the STB is set to IR (Infrared) mode.  Flipper does not work RF (radio frequency) devices.

3. Dish:  Problem:  Favorites is unstable, and Dish does not recognize the favorites list.

Solution 1:  Set the Favorites list in Dish using the Dish remote (access by Menu, then follow prompts to settings and favoorites).  Then use Flipper in regular mode.

Solution 2:  Use Learning to copy the 0-9 buttons form the Dish remote into Flipper, then set Favorites.

Flipper Model A22.V2 

Click for Online Manual

Click for Online Code List

Codes:  Many STBs use the same manufacturer but have different brand names.

Some common codes:

1014, 0944, 0124,  Pace, Comcast, Huawei, Cisco
0674  Motorola, Cisco, ATT


Flipper Model A22.v1

Click for Online Manual & Code List

Cisco (Scientific Atlanta): 475, 692, 693.
Comcast: 692, 693, 686;
Pace: 545, 617, 686, 693.
Samsung SMT: 551.
ATT Uverse: 692.
Amino 586.

TV: Apex: 522.
Mitsubishi: 307.
Zenith: 103.
Sylvania: 109.

 Scientific Atlanta:  Favorites sometimes does not with with Scientific Atlanta STBs.  To solve: (1) only program in 20 favorites;  (2)  Do not use 0’s before lower digits.