Thank you! May 22, 2015, Jacques B.

I just wanted to thank you dearly for the simplified remote. This purchase has allowed my mother whom has recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s to change the TV channel for the first time in 4 years!

I know it seems like a simple feat. However even the simplest display of autonomous actions on her end, that were once taken for granted is amazing to see displayed once more on her behalf.

Thank you for helping to make her last years acceptable,  June 4, 2014, Martha B.

Several years ago when Flipper first came out, I was desperate for something to help my mother who was suffering from macular degeneration. Flipper was the answer – it returned her independence and self-confidence that she could work her own machines. I called several times for help when a television was purchased or something went wrong and there was always help. Mom passed away in January at age 96 – Flipper allowed her to stay up to date with the news on the television because she could no longer read the newspaper and could not manage the buttons on the radio. Thank you for helping to make her last years acceptable. By blessing her you also blessed me. I will be eternally grateful.

Even Apple doesn’t do it this well!, December 15, 2013, Rotor Pilot

Unbelievable! This worked right out of the box for my 83-year old mother’s Vizio TV and Comcast cable box. I was truly and totally stunned. I’d settled into the chair expecting to have to try different codes and trial-and-error button pushes. I was more ecstatic than my mother!

Well done, Flipper!

Easy To Use!  June 19, 2013, Taffy, Ct.

This product is so easy to use. The cable remote is tricky for my tech challenged husband. I programmed in all the sports channels and the news and now he is a happy man.
I recommend this remote for anyone of a certain age with vision or tech issues.

This is great!   June, 2013, Bob K

The remote is as described and better.  My mom is 90;  She uses this remote and it works so well.  It turns on both the cable box and tv. Only the important buttons can be pushed.  This is great.  Thank you for a well built, easy too program and very easy device to use.  You did a super job.

Perfection!  June 18, 2013, Ellie, Buffalo NY.

Easy to use for senior citizen with ability to modify if needed. A real asset to make life easier for both of us.

Thanks for giving my elderly family members more control….a review on April 26, 2013

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This is a very good product…. – April 13, 2013, Jack, Canada

Honestly, it was with reluctance that we bought two flippers for our elderly and confused parents.  We were afraid it would be just another thing that didn’t quite work for our location, cable box or tv.  It has worked perfectly and was extremely easy to set up.  We have taken all of the other remotes out of service and with this one flipper they can see all the shows they love as well as being able to turn the tv off for the first time in months without the fear of “losing everything”.  This is a very good product.  They live in Western Canada and use a Shaw cablebox.

Thank you so much for this wonderful product!  – February 19, 2013, Kathy A.

For years I have had to drive to my mother’s house and re-do the remotes.  She was constantly pushing the wrong buttons.  She is now in assisted living and I just got her the Flipper Remote.  I had a little snag with a code number, called and was immediately helped over the phone to get it programmed correctly.  It is AMAZING and so simple for my mother to figure out.  I would not hesitate to recommend this product.

Thank You So Munch!!    – February 11, 2013, Lois M.   A very thankful daughter in Iowa

I recently purchased the Flipper remote for my 93 year old mother. She was in Assisted Living and had local cable.  The cable companies have some of the most complicated remotes imaginable, and had nothing else to offer us.  She has early dementia and arthritis and her TV was “messed up”all the time.  There was no way she could use the remote.  I tried to purchase and program several simple universal remotes but no luck there either.  I could get them to either run the TV or the cable box, but not both without multiple commands.  Then, I decided to try the Flipper.  Absolutely amazing!!!!  It works just like you say it will.  It was so easy to program and then to lock so she inadvertently was not changing the settings.  She has now moved in with us and we have programmed it to our TV and direct TV box.  Works like a charm!!!!   I can not say enough good about the product!!!  There are very few products that you can purchase anymore, that perform just like they say they will.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!   Lois M.   A very thankful daughter in Iowa.

Thank you for saving our sanity! It was worth every penny spent! –  Jan 11, 2013, Annette, Louisville, KY

Just wanted to drop a note to let you know what an Awesome product the Flipper Remote Control is.

My 85 year old mother lives with me and my family.  She suffers from Macular Degeneration which makes it impossible to read small print.  Recently, we switched our cable service over to AT&T U-Verse.  The remote that controls the television and the Cisco cable box was just too much for her to adjust to.  There were too many extremely small buttons. Inevitably she would press the wrong one and turn either the television or the cable box off and then not be able to turn them back on.  She was calling me at work every day distraught because she couldn’t get the television to work.

We received the remote today.  It took my husband only 10 minutes to program it.  My mother is now able to push one button to turn on and off both the television and the cable box simultaneously.  She can’t really do anything to deprogram the settings which is a Godsend.

We are so happy with this remote that I just ordered a second one so that she can have one in her bedroom as well as in the family room.

Flipper exceeds our expectations.  Love it! –  November 7, 2012.  Rosalyn, Niagara Falls NY.

Fabulous! Thank you. –  November 5, 2012.  Bethany, Bend, OR.

Very please with the Flipper! – October 30, 2012.  Marlan, Clifton MO.

Works just like advertised. I bought it for my 93 yr old grandmother who is blind and was having a problem turning the tv off with old remote. The first code I entered worked. Also pre-set the remote to her favorite channels. Now she’s a surfer and I’m a flipper fan.

This is an awesome product for seniors! –  October 10, 2012.  Doris, Hermosa Beach, CA

Got one for my 88 year old Mom who kept hitting the wrong buttons on her overly-complex cable tv remote. She LOVES this one!

The remote is wonderful!  October 10, 2012, Deirdre, Florida / South Carolina

We got the other one in South Carolina, and I set it up for my dad.  He has advanced Dementia and is in a facility.  He loves to watch tv, but cannot work the remote and that just frustrates him more.  This remote was so easy to set up, and he loves it.  He can easily work the channels and volumes, and is thrilled to feel like he can still operate a TV.

Thank you for everything.

The Absolute Best…June 15, 2012.  Carolyn, Memphis, TN

I purchased the Flipper Remote for my 88 year old mother who has macular degeneration and finds the regular cable remote difficult to use. This is the absolute best large button remote control I’ve ever used (and I’ve tried out many different brands). It is easy to program, and works with our newest Xfinity cable box.  The added feature of being able to lock the program keys to prevent changes by accident is also a unique and well needed addition. I also greatly appreciate the fact that prior to purchasing, I wasn’t sure the remote was compatible with the cable box and I emailed with that question. I received a response the next day with a complete answer to my question, as well as assurance that I could reach a live person for help if I needed it to set up the remote. That was VERY special. Few Internet businesses today offer such great customer service.  I look forward to the next generation Flipper, with On Demand Access. I really do appreciate your product, as well as your support of the product. I recommend your product every chance I get.

Thanks for giving an old guy a bit more of his freedom back! March 26, 2012, Jason, Canada.

Just finished setting up a flipper remote for my 93 year old grandfather who was overwhelmed by the new digital cable remote he recently got. Wasn’t sure the Flipper would work in Canada with Rogers cable but everything worked flawlessly. When my grandfather asked me to show him how to use it, I said “no, figure it out for yourself” and passed him the remote.  He was delighted at how straight forward it was and how it only showed him the channels he liked to watch.  I was delighted that it turned on both the TV and cable box at the same time and performed exactly as promised.

Best Product Ever!, February 14, 2012  By Karen B

Problem with an aging parent solved! I bought this for my 85 year old mother who was beyond frustrated with her cable remote – WAY too many buttons!! She was so relieved to feel comfortable using her remote again. The set-up couldn’t have been easier. We are so pleased, I just ordered one for us! I would highly recommend this for anyone that doesn’t use 95 percent of the buttons on their current remote.

Bear, January 20, 2012  By Bear

Purchased this Flipper remote for my mom and mother-in-law. This is great for an elderly person, less confusing for them. Great item. This remote really did the job for our elderly Mom. It took all the TV/Channel box confusion & remote out of her life and gave her a simple On/off; Volume Up/Down; Channel Up/Down control. In addition the buttons are large & easy to see. She loves it so much I’m buying a second one at her request for the cable box & TV in her bedroom! It DOES take someone who understands electronics to configure it, just like any other programmable remote, but once it is set-up you are good to go. It took us 15 minutes start to finish to set it up the first time (I bet 5 minutes or less if we need to do it again). After you set it up you can lock it so that settings don’t get changed inadvertently.

Outstanding!, December 26, 2011 By RTC (Florida)

Didn’t bother with trying the all codes just told it to “Automatic Code Search” and it did for both TV and Satellite box. Quick and easy. Set it to “Dual Mode” with the push of 1 button and it controls the both TV and the Satellite box. Programmed in mom’s “Favorite “Channels” so now it only scrolls through those. Locked the setings so nothing accidentally gets changed and now my 95 year old mother is in control of her TV again! It doesn’t get any better than this!