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Works all major TVs and Cable / Satellite boxes
Flipper works your TV and Cable / Satellite with only one remote!

Simplify your life by consolidating your remotes into one easy-to-use Flipper Remote for your TV and Satellite.

  • large universal remote30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
  • tv remote for elderlyOn / Off works both devices
  • tv remote for seniorsChannel works your Cable / Satellite
  • big remoteVolume works your TV
  • remote control for elderlyFavorites
  • simple remoteLocking Set Up
$29.95 + Free Shipping

How It Works

Easy to set up, simple to use – preset to Motorola cable boxes.
Works all major TVs and cable / satellite boxes.

On/Off works the TV and set top box with One Touch

The Flipper Remote is designed to work with all major TVs and cable/satellite boxes for your convenience. Simply program your remote with your TV, add your favorite settings, and let the remote do the rest!

Volume works the TV

No more worrying about whether you’re adjusting the volume in the right place. The Flipper Remote allows you to point, click, and adjust the sounds as you wish with large, easily accessible buttons.

Locking Set Up

The Flipper remote’s unique design allows you to lock your set up to prevent accidental reprogramming. You can be confident that your favorite settings will remain programmed into your television unless you choose to change them.

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Channel buttons work the set top box

The Flipper Remotes easy-to-use buttons make channel-changing a breeze for those that have difficulty finding and pressing smaller buttons. You’ll never have to spend minutes searching for buttons again!

Favorite Channel feature

Access your favorite channels quicker and easier than ever before. Program up to 30 of your favorite channels into your remote and pull them up with the touch of a button!

$29.95 + Free Shipping

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Flipper Big Button Remote works your TV and cable, satellite or
over the air dtv box only with only one remote!

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Thank you for helping to make her last years acceptable.
Several years ago when Flipper first came out, I was desperate for something to help my mother who was suffering from macular degeneration. Flipper was the answer – it returned her independence and self-confidence that she could work her own machines...

Martha B.

Even Apple doesn’t do it this well!
Unbelievable! This worked right out of the box for my 83-year old mother’s Vizio TV and Comcast cable box. I was truly and totally stunned. I’d settled into the chair expecting to have to try different codes and trial-and-error button pushes. I was more ecstatic than my mother!

Rotor Pilot

Easy To Use!
This product is so easy to use. The cable remote is tricky for my tech challenged husband. I programmed in all the sports channels and the news and now he is a happy man. I recommend this remote for anyone of a certain age with vision or tech issues.

Taffy, Ct.

Flipper works your
TV and Cable / Satellite with only one remote!

Whether you’re young or old, tech-savvy or not, the Flipper Remote is the perfect solution to all your TV-viewing needs. Its convenient design, large buttons, and functionality are ideal for users of all ages and backgrounds. Order your remote today to change the way you watch TV!